• Your home doesn’t suit you anymore?
  • Yet, you’re undecided what to do about it?
  • Therefore, you need to explore your next living choices?
  • And you want a conversation rather than a presentation?
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Are You Ready for the Challenges of 21st Century Retirement?

Because 10,000 Baby Boomers like you and me reach age 65 every day, our attitudes and expectations are bound to write a new story of retirement. A Seniors Real Estate Specialist can help you discover and assess the forces redefining the retirement landscape of the 21st Century and what they mean to you.

For many of us, retirement is now the second half of life or a time for an encore career — a time for reinvention and redefinition. If that is the case for you, we’ll help you explore the exciting options available and which ones fit you best.

Finally, you’ll discover the secret of Silver Collar Cities and how the impact of the latest economic recession created them.


Do You Plan to Age in Place?

Whether you retire for good or go on to an encore career, many of us seriously consider aging in place. In other words, we want to continue living safely, independently, and comfortably in our own home or at least in the familiar surroundings of a supportive community.

If that is your preference, we can help you develop a SAFE plan for doing so. As a result, you’ll make new discoveries about adapting a home for aging in place or converting a second home. In addition, our Aging in the Community Checklist will ensure healthy, happy, and safe choices for your later years.

First of all, a sloppy plan for aging in place can put you at risk for your safety. Additionally, it can leave you isolated — removed from family and loved ones, alone in a non-supportive community, and in a struggle to access essential services. Your Seniors Real Estate Specialist will help you avoid that.

If You’re Considering Independent Living, Which Is Best for You?

  • An Active-Adult Community
  • A Seniors Apartment
  • Cohousing
  • An Age-Restricted Community

Especially relevant, we help you understand how the Housing for Older Persons Act (HOPA) and the 80/20 Occupancy Requirement influence the structure of independent living. But most of all, you’ll learn how this structure might affect your choices.

Are You Making a Transition to Assisted Living?

The ability to perform key activities of daily living provides an objective standard for determining when it is the right time to make a transition. Whether you’re crossing this bridge yourself or helping a loved one cross it, we give you the tools to choose the right level of care and type of facility. Moreover, we can connect you to professional assistance for sorting, packing, moving, and unpacking if you are making a move. In addition, if your choice is respite care in the home, we can help you with decluttering and hoarding issues.

There are many choices available to you beyond the limited thinking of “nursing homes.” Therefore, we’ll help you navigate through the options of congregate living, assisted living, Continuing Care Retirement Communities, skilled nursing facilities, and other elder care choices so that you make the right decision.

Do These Financial Scenarios Sound Familiar?

  • You want to make a transition, but you’re waiting to get the right price for your house so you can pay cash for a new home and avoid mortgage payments.
  • You’re about to lose your home to foreclosure because your fixed income hasn’t kept up with the cost of living and mortgage payments are unaffordable.
  • You can’t relocate from an undesirable neighborhood because your home sale proceeds won’t be enough to buy in another area.
  • You’re struggling to find a way for an elderly relative to stay safely in a long-time home but her income isn’t enough to pay for in-home care.
  • You’re retired and want to buy a second home, but you don’t want the responsibility or financial drain of mortgage payments.

A Seniors Real Estate Specialist can help with that!

Do You Know How to Maximize the Tax Benefits of Your Transition?

We help you understand the benefits and consequences of

  • reverse mortgages
  • capital gains taxes and basis step-ups for heirs
  • estate tax issues
  • gift and generation-skipping taxes
  • tax-deferred 1031 exchanges

We are not qualified as tax specialists, but these issues are of particular concern to Baby Boomer homeowners and retirees. Therefore, we include them in our consultation with you.

Have You Covered All the Legal Matters to Consider With a Seniors Real Estate Specialist?

The Seniors Real Estate Specialist is not a lawyer or CPA, but we do not shirk the responsibility we have to bring these matters to your attention. First of all, you should always seek legal and tax advice from qualified and competent professionals. However, we can help you with that.

Our counsel with you will include confidentiality issues, selling below the market, power of attorney, competency factors, as well as probate, life estates and trusts. Because we are not licensed as legal professionals, we maintain working relationships with Certified Elder Law Attorneys to which we can refer you.

Protect yourself from schemes and scams.

Please feel free to contact us regarding Raleigh’s capabilities in the residential real estate market. Raleigh has my contact information and we are using him as our agent on the home we are now purchasing. Bill and Nancy Iredale

Involve family members, if you choose.

We are very happy with what we got from Raleigh’s team. They showed up when they said they would. They did the things they said they were going to do. Most importantly, they sold our house in a very timely manner with as little aggravation as possible. We got the price we were looking for. We are very happy with the service. They were the very best realtors that we worked with. Marty and Nikki Salon

Gain peace of mind with a plan in place.

Raleigh had a very honest approach. He was professional, diligent, and worked hard for me. He had a marketing plan that worked, and everything went very smoothly from beginning to end. We sold without lowering my price, and I was happy about the process. I would recommend his services to anyone.” Thanks again for a great experience!! Dr. K. Carroll

Who We Are and What We Do

We are REALTORS® in the US and Canada who have earned the Seniors Real Estate Specialist (SRES®) designation. Due to our training, we bring a unique approach to each transaction and contact with clients. First of all, we offer a deep knowledge of real estate as well as the local and fiscal issues shaping market trends. Furthermore, we’re trained on topics of special concern to aged 50+ clients.

In addition, we maintain a professional network of people who can help with various steps of the sale and move. Hence, they can assist with these and other matters:

  • Especially relevant is the decision whether to sell: Reverse mortgage counselors can look at ways to use the home’s equity to allow you to remain in your home if that’s what you prefer. As a result, you may decide to age in place.
  • Prior to the listing: Tax specialists and financial planners may examine strategies to protect assets. Consequently, you may find ways to save a lot of money.
  • Preparing the home for showing: We have handymen, landscapers and clutter reduction specialists at the ready. Therefore, you won’t have to scramble to get ready if you decide to sell.
  • Legal considerations: We have working relationships with seniors real estate lawyers to help with estate planning or closing. In a word, we can set you up with trustworthy counsel if you don’t have that in place.
  • Moving: Finally, we can quickly summon downsizing experts, senior moving specialists, estate sale planners, and storage services to facilitate the move. All things considered, this will save you a lot of time and stress.

In conclusion, we have ties throughout the local senior communities. As a matter of fact, many agents actively join in a variety of senior and community service organizations. A Seniors Real Estate Specialist can provide referrals to resources such as Meals on Wheels, public benefits offices, transitional services coaches, grief counselors, and other services, as needed.

How We Charge for Our Services
In the first place, we do not charge fees for connecting you to experts that prepare your home for showing or moving specialists.  By the same token, we don’t charge fees for counseling on issues such as aging in place, independent living, housing options for assistance, financing options, tax matters, or legal matters. If you decide a real estate transaction is in your best interest after thinking it over, we charge a standard brokerage fee for finalizing the sale/purchase. 
How We Get Paid If You Don't Sell Your House
Coupled with the satisfaction we get from helping you when you need it most, we earn cherished relationships, good will, and maybe referrals.
What to Expect From Us

Be prepared to sit and chat awhile with real estate agents specializing in seniors. First of all, we’ll want to take the time to get to know you and your family’s situation. And you’ll want to learn more about us.

It’s hard to deal with leaving a home after spending many years in it. Therefore, we want to understand the challenges you all face in this major decision. Since we plan to take that time with you, we can present all available options. As a result, the outcome is one that will suit the family’s needs.

Finally, don’t be afraid to ask as many questions as you’d like. We want you to feel comfortable with us and the strategy we may recommend for you. We may suggest taking breaks so you can absorb the information. And we understand that you may want to break up the process over several visits to your home.

What Makes a Seniors Real Estate Specialist Different


Seasoned Experience

Amazing Choices

A Network of Help

You receive a customized approach to your circumstances. As a result, we work to fit your living situation in with your overall life plan.
Unlike the usual experience with a traditional real estate agent, you’ll benefit from an awareness of options, as well as the expertise and patience of a trained counselor who has met the SRES designation requirements throughout the transaction.
Choose from a variety of seniors real estate options to reduce out of pocket expenses, gain cash, or create or defer income streams to either stay independent or obtain financial assistance.
We are a team of 15,000 throughout the US and Canada, all of whom adhere to the REALTORS® code of ethics and have earned the Seniors Real Estate Specialist designation. No matter where you are in North America, we can help you.

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We have absolutely no interest in spamming you or releasing your email address to a third party.

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