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Seniors Real Estate Specialist® Raleigh R. Lee covers everything you may need to know in Crossing a Bridge. This is a wide-ranging tutorial for Baby Boomers and their children who are facing later-in-life living decisions. In the first place, you may be a Baby Boomer who is crossing that bridge into retirement or some other living choice. By the same token, you may be helping a beloved family member with those decisions. In either case, Crossing a Bridge will help you avoid schemes and scams. But most of all, it will provide a pathway for a plan that results in peace of mind for you and your loved ones.

To summarize, the book covers 21st Century retirement issues, aging in place preparation and pitfalls, independent living choices, housing alternatives for assistance, financing options, tax matters, and legal issues. In addition, there is a directory of invaluable resources for Baby Boomers. And, you’ll discover how the Seniors Real Estate Specialist® network is different from the experience with the traditional real estate agent.

All things considered, you will save time and avoid the frustration that comes with searching the Internet for scattered answers to what may be the most important living decisions of your lifetime. In essence, Crossing a Bridge reduces all those answers into a solid and safe plan for you — in one place. To sum up, it is a comprehensive source that allows you to choose from a variety of seniors real estate options. As a result, you may reduce out of pocket expenses, gain cash, or create or defer income streams to either stay independent or obtain financial assistance.

You’ll benefit from an awareness of exciting options and amazing choices that the average real estate agent may not present to you. As a result, you’ll know in the end that you have done the right thing.

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