About CrossingABridge.com and Raleigh Lee

Seniors Real Estate Specialist®

My Story

We all have bridges to cross. That’s the nature of life – one bridge after another. But I don’t have to tell you that.

I was born in 1942, so I’ve crossed a few of them myself. Now I’m able to help others in a most distinctive and rewarding way.

After almost a decade in the real estate business, I was blessed to have become a member of the Seniors Real Estate Specialist® council. The SRES® designation is awarded only to REALTORS® who have successfully completed a series of educational courses on how to help seniors and their families with later-in-life real estate transactions and the decisions leading up to them. It is the only designation of its kind recognized by the National Association of REALTORS®.

SRES® gave me a way to make a living and make the contribution I always wanted to make at the same time. My purpose is to help those in need at a time in their life when they need to “cross that bridge.” The bridge may be retirement, assisted living, modifying their home to age in place, or some other option that may be best for them.

SRES® also gave me a vision, and that vision created this team, my book, and our partnership with about 15,000 SRES® (Seniors Real Estate Specialist®) agents all across the US and Canada. We have working relationships with professionals like elder attorneys, craftsmen that can help remodel a home so that a homeowner can comfortably and safely age in place, assisted living centers, certified moving specialists, people who specialize in decluttering, notaries that come to your home when you need that type of assistance, financial experts, counselors and coaches for senior citizens, etc. We’re committed to helping you with what may be the most important living decision of your life, no matter where you are in the US or Canada.